100 Top Business Ideas In Tanzania And Opportunities

One of the proven ways of building wealth is through entrepreneurship. Starting and successfully running a business is something beautiful that creates a lot of value for oneself and the economy at large. 

If you are in Tanzania and you don’t know what business to start, we will be exploring that in this article, as we present a List Of 100 Top Business Ideas In Tanzania And Opportunities

Let’s get started:

List Of 100 Top Business Ideas In Tanzania And Opportunities

  • Real Estate

 There is an overwhelming interest in land and small plots in different parts of the country. Having a piece of land has been a coveted investment, and one is almost assured to make very huge gains doing this. 

  • Child Care Centers

Due to issues associated with nannies abusing kids, parents are now turning to take their non-school going children to child care centers. You can start the center and make lots of money too.

  • Taxi Cabbie

Many people still transport via Taxi cabs, and you can make cool money opting for this business. You can either do it via the traditional way or register and work for the likes of Uber and Taxify.

  • E-Commerce Stores

A lot of people in Tanzania are now embracing the concept of shopping online, from the comfort of their homes. You can do research to know what people want, and start selling online. Just ensure you make a nice and mobile responsive website design.

  • Vending Machine

You can also make money by installing a vending machine for basic and important stuff like water, milk, snacks, and so on. You should only place it in a strategic position and you should be fine. 

  • Event and Party Planning

Many people in the country love partying. However, planning and holding parties can be a very stressful thing, hence, the need for event organizers. You can make a lot of money simply by building a business around an event and party planning. 

  • Consultation

 You can build a business around helping people with important information about several things. Consultants make a lot of money being professionals in their field. 

  • Coaching (Training others)

 You can also build a business around training others on a particular subject or area that you are good at. Those that can position themselves right stand a good chance of making money with this business idea in Tanzania. 

  • Become A Government Contractor

Another way to make money is by becoming a government contractor, supplying things like stationery, etc. To go this direction, you have to register a company, then be on the lookout for such offers in the daily newspapers 

  • Janitorial Services (Cleaning agency)

Here is another field you can make a lot of money. Homes and offices must be cleaned, and not everyone can do these themselves. You can create a business around this and start making money.

  • Garbage Collection

 Another opportunity you can take advantage of in Tanzania is here. You can start and run a business that deals with garbage collection services in Tanzania.

  • School and College

Education remains very powerful. You can run a school and make a lot of money empowering students. However, you must understand what it takes to get going. You have to get qualified and experienced teachers in all subjects as well as competent school administrators.

  • Agribusiness (Agric Value Addition)

The country’s economy is basically still agri-based. You can still build a business revolving around agriculture and make a lot of money doing so. Food is and will always be in demand, and the opportunities presented by agriculture remain limitless.

  • Restaurants (Bakery and Fast Food)

A lot of folks enjoy taking baked meals, and you might want to start a bakery business if you can. Ensure you get the appropriate knowledge and insight before taking steps. 

  • Poultry Business (I.e Chickens)

You can also make a lot of money starting and running a poultry farm. Here is another business opportunity you can take advantage of to make a lot of money in Tanzania. 

  • Aquaculture

 People will keep enjoying eating fishes. You can go into this sector and do a lot of things that will fetch you money. 

  • Freelance Writing

You can make money simply by being a freelance writer. You can either go into this on a part-time basis or even full time. If you are good at writing, you can go for this. 

  • Pest Control Business

One of the easiest ways to make money in Tanzania (as well as other parts of the world) is to provide a solution to people’s important problems. There are actually several problems being encountered by several people in Tanzania, and one of the pertinent ones can be solved by starting a pest control business. 

  • Football Show Halls

Another superb business opportunity in Tanzania. 

  • Disc Jockey (DJ’s)

There are folks in Tanzania plying this trade and being paid to entertain people at events and parties.

  • Vehicle Towing (Breakdown cars) Business

Although, this business, like several other businesses, has its own challenges. Yet, you can still find your way around and get into it to be a big player. 

  • Cooling Van Business

 When it is hot, people want cool drinks. Hence, starting a business like this can be considered. 

  • Tricycle (Bajaj) Transportation

 A lot of people don’t play with this as a mode of transportation, due to different reasons (like its portable nature, route flexibility, etc). You can start a business with this, and they are some reasons you might be cool with it (like maintenance efficiency, durability/life span, etc). 

  • Car Hiring

 Still, thinking about an appropriate business to start in Tanzania? Then you can consider this. If you are using a busy place, you can make lots of money. 

  • Travel Agency

Actually, the travel industry is a pretty huge one within the tourism industry, and you can make a lot of money by being a player here. There are several opportunities, and even the internet has made things much easier. 

  • Car Wash Services.

People who own cars can’t but wash their cars. The fact is, not everyone has the time to do this themselves. Hence, you can make money doing this and make a lot of money in the process. 

  • Auto Mechanic Business

This business is always important in different parts of the world. People must get their cars fixed. Hence, you can become a player in this industry and start making money too. 

  • Solar Panel Sales and Repair

 The country has a lot of sunlight. You can make money going into solar panel sales as well as its repair. You, of course, must learn the necessary things first  

  • Mobile Device Repair Business

Many people in Tanzania have their own mobile device. One way or the other, these devices will usually encounter issues. Hence, you might want to consider going into this field, and you can make it big doing so.

  • New and Second-hand cloth business

People will keep putting on clothes, and they will also want to look great and nice. You can go into the clothing business – either selling new or second-hand cloth.

  • Chemical Merchant

You can start dealing with chemical products and turn them into an amazing opportunity that will fetch you lots of money. 

  • Cement Manufacturing

If you have big money, you can go into this sector. If you play your game right, it will be rewarding. 

  • Soap Making

Soaps are necessary, as they are used regularly for various things. You can make lots of money with this too. Get the right knowledge, and off you go.

  • Start An Entertainment Lounge

 You can also make money with an entertainment lounge in Tanzania. 

  • Internet Cafe Business

Although many people in Tanzania now own a smartphone, you can still make money by operating an internet cafe. Try to position your cafe in a busy area. 

  • Start a Driving School

Build a driving school where people can easily come to learn how to drive. 

  • Selling Snacks and Drinks

These are things people will always get to enjoy themselves. The market is always there. Find a nice spot and start this business.

  • Mobile Store/ Office Supply

Actually, many people who work in offices don’t have the time to run around to get some important stuff themselves. Hence, this is an opportunity for you to build a business around this. 

  • Private Lesson Teacher

    You can teach students after school hours and earn reasonable salaries in doing so. 

  • Gardening and Landscaping

   You can also consider this if you don’t still know what business to start in Tanzania m

  • Advertising Campaign Developer

If you are good with the internet, you can consider going this route too. 

  • Sell Recharge Vouchers 

How about going into this business if you want to make some cool money in Tanzania? 

  • Private Security Outfit

 Learn the ropes of this business, and get the ball rolling. 

  • Laundry Services

This is another business opportunity you can take advantage of. Many people don’t have time to wash their clothes. You can take advantage of this too 

  • Brick Moulding Business

There is always a market for this, so you can consider it too. 

  • Appliance Repairing 

You can start a business around fixing appliances and other electronic equipment for customers in Tanzania. 

  • Computer Repair and Sales

There are tons of people with laptops and desktop computers in the country. You can make money selling and repairing. 

  • E-Book Writing

Here is another nice opportunity.

  • Employee Training/Professional Certification

Here is another easy one to make money. 

Still not convinced? Here are some more opportunities on small scale business ideas in Tanzania:

  • Greeting cards designer
  • Food Delivery Service
  • Homemade storybooks
  • Youtube Videos
  • Information broker
  • Infopreneur
  • Internet marketing
  • Internet service provider
  • Internet recruiting
  • Interpreter /translator
  • Foreign Language Teacher
  • Mailing list service
  • Market research
  • Monogramming
  • Music lessons
  • Nanny Service
  • Online internet training
  • Painting
  • Payroll service
  • Martial arts instructor
  • Pet training
  • Selling Pet products
  • Proofreader
  • Public Relations Agency
  • Public/Motivational Speaker
  • Reporter
  • CV/Resume Writing Service
  • Self Improvement Seminars
  • Self Publishing
  • Songwriter
  • Teaching
  • Technical Writer
  • Telephone Answering Service
  • Tour Guide
  • Travel Agency
  • Scholarship and Overseas Study consultant
  • Typing service
  • Mobile supermarket
  • Writing press releases
  • SMS marketing
  • Excursion Service
  • Holiday Camp
  • Hair Stylist
  • Freelance photographer
  • Beautician
  • Make-up Artistry
  • Selling chilled Zobo Drinks
  • Yogurt
  • Home Business Center
  • School Dropping and picking service

Choose anyone, and get busy. 

That’s all on our list of small scale business ideas in Tanzania and opportunities.


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