Top 10 Best Secondary  Schools In Tanzania [2021]

There are tons of superb schools in Tanzania, and we will be exploring some of them in this article. It is important to dish out quality education to young folks in the country, as this is one of the major secrets of the developed world. If you want your young folks to evolve into sound adults in the nearest future, then you should strive to give them the best education today. 

In Tanzania, there are several private schools that keep dishing out quality education to their students. In this article, we will be talking about the top ten best secondary schools in Tanzania. These are schools that have superb laboratory equipment, well-trained teachers, and so on. All these positive things have produced superb academic performances. 

Top 10 Best Secondary  Schools In Tanzania

  • 1. Al Muntazir Schools

At the top of the list, we have Al Muntazir Schools. They provide sound academic services and are based in the popular Tanzanian region of Dar Es Salaam. 

They have superb teachers and are seen as one of the contemporary academic institutions in the country. They provide academic programmes ranging from the pre-school category to the A-levels, and they use their own unique way to inculcate academic excellence in their students. 

  • 2. Ali Hassan Mwinyi Elite Schools

On the second spot on the list of the top ten best secondary schools in Tanzania, we have Ali Hassan Mwinyi Elite Schools. 

Ali Hassan Mwinyi Elite Schools is one of the privately-owned institutions in the country and is also situated in Dar Es Salaam. It is an advanced institution that is keen on remaining true to its passion for rearing superb students via its outstanding academic programmes at the primary, secondary, and nursery levels. 

Ali Hassan Mwinyi Elite Schools, also known as AHMES, is keen on delivering superb services and bringing up superb academic performances. Its motto is “Forward Ever Backward Never’’.

  • 3. Baobab Secondary School

Then we have Baobab Secondary School on the third spot of the list. This is a boarding institution for girls only and is situated in Bagamoyo district (which is not too far from Dar Es Salaam). 

This institution is keen on becoming one of the most significant schools at the national academic level. Well, if we should consider what they are doing, and how they could now occupy the third spot of this list, then we can say they are really committed to moving closer to their aim. 

  • 4. East Coast Secondary School

East Coast Secondary School is actually one of the top secondary schools in Tanzania. It is situated in the Lulanzi region of Morogoro and is not too far from Dar Es Salaam (meaning, you can still come over from Dar Es Salaam via commercial buses). 

  • 5. Hasanga Boys Secondary School 

The fifth school on the list is Hasanga Boys Secondary School. It remains a nice institution in the country, with a lovely history too. This institution is actually one of the privately-owned academic institutions in the country. 

Actually, it came up via monetary contributions generated locally and is situated in Vwawa. The school, which is both day and boarding, started providing academic services as far back as 2005.

  • 6. James Sangu Girls Secondary School

Located in Mbozi (which is a district in Mbeya), James Sangu Girls Secondary School is one of the best secondary schools in Tanzania. 

Its name is actually attributed to the first bishop of Mbeya. It came up with the help of the donations gotten from Catholic nuns as well as their family members. 

  • 7. Loyola High School

On the seventh spot of the list is Loyola High School. Here is another popular and outstanding Catholic school. The school trains young folks and also instills morals and ethics in these youngsters. 

The School provides superb teachings to its students and does all that can be done to make them set for future tasks – so they can contribute superbly to ensure the growth of the society. 

  • 8. Montfort Agricultural Secondary School

Next on the list of the top ten best secondary schools in Tanzania is Montfort Agricultural Secondary School. This school is one of the oldest in the country – established as far back as in the year 1988.

Montfort Agricultural Secondary School is located in Rujewa and is keen on spreading literacy. With well-trained teachers, Montfort Agricultural Secondary School has been doing all that can be done to ensure they remain one of the best secondary schools in the country. 

It should also be added that the school is majorly occupied by boys (there are more boys there than girls). They also have a boarding facility that can accommodate a few boys.

  • 9. School of St. Jude

Here is another superb secondary school in Tanzania. It is sitting on the ninth spot on our list of the top ten best secondary schools in Tanzania. This is a Christian school that provides education with the help of sponsorships. 

School of St. Jude is out to provide academic opportunities to orphans and the less-privileged, and they try to instill academic learning via a deductive system which is made up of both Tanzanian education and Western education. 

The institution also teaches its students to grow into ethical Christians that will go ahead to steer the progress of society. 

  • 10. Shaaban Robert Secondary School

Last but not least is Shaaban Robert Secondary School. Located in Dar Es Salaam, this school is regarded as the tenth-best secondary school in Tanzania. 

The School is attributed to a well-known writer and poet in the country – in the person of Shaaban Robert. It is a popular school which has been dishing quality education for some time now. 

The secondary school is a subsidiary of the Dar Es Salaam Secondary Education Society and has certain qualities that made it one of the best schools in the country. 


In conclusion, just as stated earlier, there are tons of secondary schools in Tanzania, and many of them are doing well. Nevertheless, these ones here are regarded as the top ten and are known for the high quality of education they offer. 

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