KiKUU Tanzania Online Shopping 2021 ( All You Need To Know

KiKUU Tanzania – is a big and famous online marketplace in the country. It’s an innovative platform known for its varieties (where one can buy different products) as well as affordability. The management of KiKUU online keeps taking steps to ensure the company will continue to settle in both local and international markets.

Of course, while the brand has been playing at the international level for some time now, there are still folks that are yet to understand its operations as far as online shopping is concerned.

In this article, however, we will be addressing these important things.

KiKUU Tanzania Online Shopping (

As stated earlier, there are various products sold on the platform – thus, there is something for everyone. Hence, it remains a competitive player in the global e-commerce market. Considering its current popularity, it is getting obvious that the brand is increasing in influence as far as the African e-commerce market is concerned. 

KiKUU seems to be moving towards seizing all available opportunities yet to be tapped. Incredibly, they are now enjoying a superb reputation across the continent.

About KiKUU Tanzania Online Shopping

Founded by Hangzhou Jiku Information Technology Co., Ltd. back in the year 2015,  the brand keeps moving gallantly towards becoming a formidable global business. The platform’s existing e-commerce trading platform is vehemently resourceful in the delivery of different types of products and services. Consumers can get these products and services directly without having to spend too much money. 

Being an internet company, KiKUU has been taking advantage of the advancement of mobile technology to cover more grounds in the market. 

We should note that aside from KiKUU Tanzania, the brand also have a presence in other African countries, including Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire, Cameroon, Congo (Brazzaville), and Congo (Kinshasa). Additionally, the platform is known for deploying a self-developed system to facilitate orders and ensure prompt customer deliveries. We should also add that the management of the company is trying to integrate the African and Chinese markets. 

KiKUU is mindful of quality and superb customer services. To ensure this, they aim for nothing but superb young talents and also develop sustainable market strategies to stay ahead of others. If you have browse through the platform before, perhaps you will have discovered it has a wide selection of supplies with a huge concentration on customer needs.

How To Shop On

Tanzanians can take advantage of plenty of offers rendered by this platform (talk about a superb shopping experience). If you don’t know how to shop at KiKUU, kindly take note of these. 

The platform is actually a one-stop destination for shoppers seeking for things like shoes, electronics, clothing, home appliances, watches, automobile accessories, beauty accessories, etc. 

The website was built by experts and thus, is pretty responsive. It also comes with a nice experience for registered users. Before you can log in to the system, you should ensure you have an account (that is, become a registered user). Actually, anyone can register at the platform and it’s free to do so. With an account, you can simply log in and start shopping or selling on KiKUU.

We should add that after registering, you should simply follow the steps we will be discussing below to successfully buy an item:

  • Just log in to your shopping profile with your account username as well as with a password (very important) for ease of your routine sales and purchases. You can’t log in to the system without your username and password. 
  • Once in, you can search for the product you want. You can also select the relevant category.
  • Go ahead to select the item you want, and then add it to the cart.
  • Once this is done, you can then click on Checkout. Ensure you go ahead to fill in the shipping address.
  • You can then go ahead to “Confirm” the order (simple click on that option).
  • You should now proceed to make payment (K-Pay) by tapping on the Pay button, then key in the PIN code.
  • Sit back and wait patiently for the item to be delivered to you. It should also be added that you can also track your item on transit before it gets to you. 

Is KiKUU safe?

It is alright to be concerned about all that has to do with security. This of course is a huge concern among online shoppers. Due to one reason or another, users are usually not eager to reveal their banking details on online platforms. 

Nevertheless, KiKUU platforms are safe to use. Therefore, don’t hesitate to apply for your KiKUU customer service number Tanzania to begin getting the best online shopping experience.

KiKUU Online Shopping Mall Contacts

There are times when you will want to reach out to the company for one reason or the other. Well, there are various ways you can get to KiKUU. It should be noted that they are keen on pleasing their users on issues that are relating to payments, deliveries, returns, refunds, and so on.

Here are the relevant KiKUU Tanzania contact details. 

  • KiKUU Headquarters (their main office in China):

2nd Floor,1st Building, Village Committee The Industrial Plaza, Taicheng Village, Renhe Town, Baiyun District (Airport Baiyun), Guangzhou City, China.

Phone Number: 020-83701062

Email Address: [email protected]

  • KiKUU Tanzania Address (their head office in Tanzania)

Locally, KiKUU Shoppers plaza Mikocheni: ofisi za KiKUU Dar es Salaam are located on the 1st Floor of Shopper’s Plaza, Mikocheni A, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Users can also decide to contact one of their representatives via live chat (this is straight to the point).

There are employees of the company that will discuss whatever issue with you, and try as much as possible to help you settle whatever it is you want to settle. So, once there is an issue, don’t hesitate to contact the KiKUU office in Arusha via the Dar es Salaam main offices through email or live chat.

In conclusion, you should be time conscious too. They are available from Monday to Sunday from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.

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