Top 10 Richest Musicians In Tanzania 2021

There are lots of beautiful things attached to music. Beautiful music can produce beautiful effects and atmosphere. Hence, almost everyone loves beautiful music, and Tanzanians are no exception. Therefore, it is not surprising to see many people taking up a career in music. Of course, there are tons of talented musicians in Tanzania who have been able to grow their popularity and now have a huge fan base. 

In this article, however, we will be focusing on the richest Tanzanian musicians. While there are several rich guys in the industry, we will discuss the top ten wealthiest of them. Let’s get started:

Top 10 Richest Musicians In Tanzania 2021

  • 1. Diamond Platnumz

At the top of the list is Diamond Platnumz, who remains one of the best in the country. He is quite famous as far as the Tanzanian music industry is concerned. He is said to have revolutionized the Tanzanian Music Industry. 

His efforts and talents have fetched him lots of money, and he spends them on costly houses luxury vehicles. Asides the money his music is fetching, he also makes money from endorsement deals. 

  • 2. Professor Jay

Next is another experienced musician In Tanzania – Professor Jay. Born Joseph Haule, he worked hard towards becoming a big brand in the music industry. He has been around for some time now (he started back then around 1990) and has been persistent. Before now he was part of Hard Blasters – a musical group. 

Professor Jay’s efforts have been rewarded, as he is now a rich musician in Tanzania. Although he seems to be a simple guy, he has several investments and properties. 

  • 3. Lady Jay Dee

Now enough of the men here comes a woman. Here is Lady Jay Dee, a popular female Tanzanian musician who is one of the richest in the country. Born Judith Wambura, this woman is influential in the Tanzanian music industry. She has been around as far back as 1991, and she was able to grow via her efforts. 

She is currently one of the richest musicians in the country and has various expensive cars. 

  • 4. Ali Kiba

Next on the list wealthiest musicians in Tanzania is Ali Kiba. Here is another famous Tanzanian musician. Well, he is one of the richest musicians in the country currently. He is obviously talented and has been able to accumulate tons of fans in Tanzania. 

A lot of music lovers love him for his songs and he is well-known by many. The musician has won different awards and has also worked together with some other African musicians. 

  • 5. Juma Nature

Next is Juma Nature. This rich Tanzanian musician has been playing in the industry for a long period of time. Since he keeps working hard to release music loved by music lovers in Tanzania, he is still relevant and has been rewarded for his efforts. He used to be part of a musical group called TMK Which Was Under Mkubwa Fela. He went ahead to form his own group known as “Wanaume Halisi”. 

Asides earning a lot of money for what he does (making him one of the richest musicians in Tanzania), he is also influential to an extent. He has bought several properties with his money, including houses. 

  • 6. AY

Here is another popular musician in Tanzania who is one of the richest in the industry. He started back then in the year 2000 and established his own company – Unity Entertainment Company. 

He is also known outside the country and is being invited to perform outside Tanzania. He makes a lot of money from doing music, but he also earns from other ventures – including his Clothing Line. Hence, AY has several nice and expensive cars as well as other things.

  • 7. Baraka Da Prince

The seventh on this list is Baraka Da Prince. This man is a superb musician in Tanzania and is influential in the music industry. It should be added that his talents have given him massive attention in Tanzania, and he has a lot of fans. 

He is now regarded as one of the richest musicians in Tanzania. His efforts have produced different results for him. 

  • 8. Vanessa Mdee

Here comes another female musician. This woman has been impressive as far as the Tanzanian music industry is concerned. She is not just a popular female musician in the country, but also one of the richest musicians. She is influential in the industry and is known by many music lovers. 

Her fans enjoy listening to her music, and her empire seems to be growing. She makes nice music for her fans, and it appears she has loyal lovers who support her. One of her songs is doing well on YouTube and has passed 1 million views. Vanessa’s musical efforts as well as her shows and performances have made her one of the richest musicians in Tanzania. She makes a lot of money from what she does, and she has been placed on the eighth position of this list. 

  • 9. Juma Jux

Next on the list is Juma Jux. This guy is regarded as the ninth richest musician in Tanzania. Although he appears to be different from many other musicians in the industry (as he doesn’t like shouting like many others), yet, he has his own share of the fan base in the country. There are still people that enjoy his songs and embrace the way he sings. 

Since he is a quality musician, he is one of the top guys in the industry, and he makes a lot of money doing what he does. He has released nice songs that were embraced by music lovers in the country, and the result has been more popularity and money for him. 

  • 10. Dully Sykes

Finally, we are concluding this list with Dully Sykes. Here is another talented and wealthy musician in Tanzania. He Is a Dancehall Artiste with a lot of fans and followers in the country and has won different awards since he started singing. 


 In conclusion, while there are several musicians in Tanzania, these guys here are at the front roll. 

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