103 List of Agricultural Companies in Tanzania And Jobs

Agriculture is one of the major economic activities in Tanzania and a thriving business in the country. Interestingly, agriculture is one of the largest employers of labour accounting for about half of the employed workforce in the country. If you are interested to be part of this boisterous industry, I compiled the List of Agricultural Companies in Tanzania.

List of Agricultural Companies in Tanzania

  1. AA Services Ltd 
  2. Agro Tech International T Limited 
  3. Amaka Investment Ltd 
  4. Autorover 
  5. Banora company ltd. 
  6. BCA Grain & Feed Company Limited 
  7. Chennai Exim Limited 
  8. Goldrock Logistics Ltd 
  9. H M Hammsey International 
  10. Josmac Company Limited 
  11. Maruk Vanilla Farming & Processing Ltd 
  12. Masasi Land Resources Ltd 
  13. Megnacio Company Ltd
  14. Mkurufuno General Trading Company 
  15. Nachingwea Holding Ltd 
  16. Pimaz Logistics Co. Ltd 
  17. Shanja Trading Company 
  18. Tamasha Co. Ltd 
  19. Vinetech Limited 
  20. WHP Billcomms Technology Ltd. 
  21. Caracal Africa 
  22. Yoberma Inter Ltd (Yoil Distribution) 
  23. A M Steel 
  24. New Islam Meat Supplies 
  25. Multy Company Ltd. 
  26. Gilbas 
  27. High Grade Cashew 
  28. Kiwangwa Farm Products Ltd. 
  29. Momo meniok., Ltd. 
  30. Bukoba Products Ltd 
  31. Irham general supplies & co ltd 
  32. Principal company limited 
  33. George Maganila Supply 
  34. Kilenga Shipping Services Ltd. 
  35. Pixelmax 
  36. Mbuyuni Hardware 
  37. Uchau Investment Limited 
  38. Tumase Enterprises Ltd 
  39. Sibwe Honey Group 
  40. Nah Exports
  41. Hahute Enterprise 
  42. Paperwork Supplies Limited 
  43. Exolant 
  44. Karuguyeye Live Animals Exporter 
  45. Kinengena Agro And Minerals Logisticts Limited 
  46. Gateway Investiment Co. Ltd 
  47. Fnaturals 
  48. Makelemo Industries Co 
  49. Serengetti Instant Coffee Ltd. 
  50. Kibogems 
  51. Migema Enterprises and General Investment Ltd 
  52. Ndelekwa General Co. 
  53. Dekamo Logistics Co., Ltd 
  54. Issah Juma Baluti 
  55. Paramount Resources 
  56. East Africa Distributors & Manufactuers Edman Ltd 
  57. Tripple General Supplies 
  58. Tabhesco Limited 
  59. Liangi Holding Company Limited 
  60. Matt Agencies Ltd.
  61. Animal care exports 
  62. Kelvin limited 
  63. Kasindi Agricultural Products Supplies 
  64. Elnino Natural Supplies 
  65. InfoTrade Link 
  66. Doingwell Shanghai Trade Co., L.t.d 
  67. John Dorty 
  68. Gefuagromart Co. Ltd 
  69. Omka International Limited 
  70. Mineral Handeling Shipping Compnay Ltd 
  71. Singida Oil Mils LTD CO 
  72. Khebhandza Marketing Co.ltd 
  73. Cathay Impex Holdings Ltd 
  74. Tumase Entrprises Ltd 
  75. Limra Oil Mills 
  76. Matunda 
  77. Stake Agrobase International Ltd 
  78. Building Enterprises 
  79. Elburliz Holdings Limited 
  80. MVIWATA-National network of farmers groups in Tanzania
  81. Moringa Consultancy Tanzania Company Ltd 
  82. Suppliers and Traders Ltd 
  83. Rise General Commercial 
  84. Network Consul Logistics (T) Ltd 
  85. Try Again Enterprises 
  86. Trans Global Enterprises Ltd 
  87. Ox Gallstones Ltd 
  88. Gilala Import and Export Agricultural Corporate Company 
  89. Riyami Resources 
  90. Mbasira Soap & Oil Industries Ltd 
  91. Ntalamu Enterprises Co.ltd 
  92. BMX Company Ltd 
  93. Pelekamoyo Enterprises 
  94. Mwanza Fishing Industries 
  95. Lotus Enterprises (T) Ltd 
  96. Sowing as Eagles Enterprises 
  97. Tabeco International Limited 
  98. Euro Vistaa (Tanzania) Ltd
  99. Tanzania Flour Mills 
  100. Sibuka FM LTD 
  101. ISM LTD 
  102. Newton Holdings Tanzania Limited
  103. Entrepreneur Promotion & Information Centre (T) Ltd.

If you are trying to secure agricultural jobs in Tanzania, below are the contact us of some of the agricultural companies in Tanzania.

List Sites to Get Agricultural Jobs in Tanzania 

  • Banora company ltd. 

Address: box 62096 Dar es Salaam 

  • Masasi Land Resources Ltd 

Address: Mbagala Zakhem Dar Es salam, Dar Es Salaam 

  • Amaka Investment Ltd 

Address: Mandela Road, Dae Es Salaam, Branch Office Kibaha, Coastal Region Dar Es Salaam, Coastal Region

  • Tamasha Co.,Ltd 

Address: Mikochenie 22 Dar Es Salaam, Dar Es Salaam 

  • Mkurufuno General Trading Company 

Address: Lumumba/Uhuru Ottu bldg. Dar es salaam 

  • Nachingwea Holding Ltd 

Address: Box 2030 Dar es salaam, coastal

  • Gefuagromart Co. Ltd.

Address: India Street Dar Es Salaam, Dar Es Salaam 

  • H M Hammsey International 

Address: P.O Box 11898 Dar es Salaam Dar Es salaam, Tanzania

  • Autorover 

Address: Libya Street DSM, DSM 

  • WHP Billcomms Technology Ltd. 

Address: P.O. Box 61648 Dar es Salaam,  

  • Shanja Trading Company 

Address: P.O Box 25116 Dar es Salaam 

  • BCA Grain & Feed Company Limited 

Address: Rivergardens Business Park, Arusha-Moshi Road, Usa River Arusha, Arusha 

  • Cathay Impex Holdings Ltd

Address: Kariakoo, Dar es Salam, Tanzania

  • Maruk Vanilla Farming & Processing Ltd 

Address: Maruku-Ntoma Bukoba, Tanzania

  • Megnacio Company Ltd 

Address: Shekilango off-Road, block 55, Kijitonyama Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

  • Caracal Africa 

Address: AR, ARUSHA, Tanzania

  • Gilbas 

Address: Mikocheni, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

  • Kiwangwa Farm Products LTD 

Address: Kinondoni, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Tanzania

  • Bukoba Products Ltd 

Address: Tabata, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Tanzania

  • Omka International Ltd.

Address: Kijangwani Post Office Zanzibar, Zanzibar Urban

  • Pixelmax 

Address: Mbweni, Stonetown, Tanzania

  • Tumase Enterprises Ltd. 

Address: Nyanza Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania 

  • Serengetti Instant Coffee Ltd. 

Address: Samora, Dar es salaam, Tanzania

  • Animal Care Exports 

Address: Tanzania

  • Singida Oil Mils LTD CO

Address: Singida, Tanzania

  • Limra Oil 

Address: Utemini Industrial Area Plot No. 29/A, Singida, Other, Tanzania

  • Stake Agrobase International Ltd 

Address: Mikocheni, Dar, Dar, Tanzania

  • Gilala Import and Export Agricultural Corporate Company 

Address: Mikocheni Regent Estate, Plot No. 040 Dar Er Salaam, Tanzania

Top Sites to Get Agricultural Jobs in Tanzania 

Interestingly there is ongoing agricultural employment in Tanzania presently and we also think it necessary to include some websites through which you can apply for an agricultural job in the country. 

  1. https://www.brightermonday.co.tz/jobs/farming-agriculture
  2. https://tz.linkedin.com/jobs/agriculture-jobs?countryRedirected=1&position=1&pageNum=0 
  3. https://www.zoomtanzania.com/agriculture-farming-jobs 
  4. https://www.learn4good.com/jobs/farm-manager/tanzania/postings/ 

How to Apply for Agricultural Jobs in Tanzania

Applying for a job through the above sites is pretty simple and straight forward. The portal is easy to navigate and you can easily scan through the job listing and pick your choice. Follow the instructions on the job application and then forward your curriculum vitae or fill in your details on their portals. 


It is obvious from the List of Agricultural Companies in Tanzania compiled above that the country is home to tons of agricultural businesses encompassing private owned and government-owned. You can look up the list and make your choice of any that you delight to work with and apply or better still you can patronize them if they have the agricultural product that you want to purchase. 

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